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There are integration issues for business users looking to sync their Salesforce through Outlook, particularly for machines that don’t run a Windows operating system. If your email runs on Microsoft Exchange Server and you don’t have a Windows desktop, there isn’t a straightforward way to sync Salesforce contacts so that they are always available on your smartphone.

Salesforce provides an add-on to solve this problem. However, it has a drawback—it doesn’t work with Mac OSX. From a Mac, you can still use a web browser to access your contacts. However, if you want contact sync with Outlook, the solution comes up short.

You could use other third-party solutions but keep in mind that most must be configured and installed for each business user. They almost always require upkeep and micromanagement. The secure, CiraSync SaaS platform enables a single group administrator to automate the distribution and updating of contacts to an unlimited number of business users. The benefit is that your entire sales force, accounting, and support teams can take advantage of the Salesforce contact data both on their Macs and business smartphones.