Home > Support Articles > Calendar Sync > I am using a Contact Collection to sync contacts and calendars to my users. How do I remove disabled users from a CiraSync sync task?
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Contact Collection users can be removed during the set up of a sync configuration. Do the following to remove disabled and undesired users from a sync task:


  1. Click the Contact Collection used as the source and/or target of the desired sync task listed in the Contact Collections pane. All user mailboxes that are part of the collection should appear on the right-side of the Contact Collections interface.
    NOTE:  If the desired Contact Collection is not listed in the Contact Collections pane, click the VIEW button. Then, click the ellipsis > Edit next to the desired collection.
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over a disabled and/or undesired user mailbox.
  3. Click the red x that appears. This will remove the user mailbox from the collection.
  4. Repeat Step 2 and 3 for all disabled and undesired user mailboxes.
  5. Click SAVE in the top-right corner of the Contact Collection interface. Now, when the Contact Collection is used as a source and/or target of a sync, CiraSync will not use or sync to disabled and undesired users that were removed from the Collection.

If you haven’t created a Contact Collection yet, check out this article on How to Create a CiraSync Contact Collection.