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Improvements to CiraSync online purchasing for Enterprise Edition Users

CiraSync now has the ability to add licenses to an enterprise edition subscription. When adding seats, you can have a single subscription to renew each year. The minimum CiraSync subscription allows you to Sync the GAL, Public Folder contacts and shared calendars for ten Outlook or smartphone users.

Getting a Sales Quote

Using the CiraSync dashboard, you can purchase a subscription, or you can get a hard copy sales quote to hand to your manager. This capability is located on a tile directly in the center of the dashboard. Request a quote After clicking the button to Request Quote and following the next few steps, you will receive a hard copy sales quote. That’s a lie. CiraSync won’t literally mail you a piece of paper. However, it will however email you a PDF. If this is your first time buying a license, you are going to immediately see the Build a Sales Quote dialog: Build a sales quote CiraSync licenses always come in 10 packs. That increment was a marketing decision and it sometimes creates a little confusion. Someone who wasn’t paying attention recently ordered 300 ten packs — they really wanted just 300 users. They paid for 3000 users and quickly realized they goofed. Fortunately, they contacted our support desk immediately. Our customer support team quickly voided the credit card charge. After you have selected the quantity of 10 packs, hit the Next button again and you will see step 2 of 2: Sales Quote If you want to go directly to a purchase, hit the Buy it Now button (2). Otherwise, please proceed to email the quote (1).

When you already have an active paid subscription

You have additional choices if you have purchased a subscription in the past. In that case, hitting the Request Quote button from the main dashboard will give you three choices:

  • Adding additional users to an existing subscription
  • Renewal
  • Buy a new subscription

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Adding a New Subscription

We had a customer that hired 50 interns for the summer. They wanted a subscription for these users starting June 1 for three months. In this case, they were adding seats to their primary subscription and they did not need to align the expiration. If you have a similar need, choose Buy a new license from the choices above.

Renewing a Subscription

In an older version of the CiraSync dashboard, we only had the option to purchase a new subscription. Thus if you renewed before your subscription expired, you would have overlapped and paid for twice as many licenses for several days. Your subscription might end a few days earlier than it needed to. You can solve this by using the renew option. Use Request Quote from the license tile on the dashboard and CiraSync scans your existing licenses. If you have an existing subscription, you can choose the middle choice: Renew an existing license

Adding Seats to an Existing Subscription

If you need to add seats to your existing subscription, you can now avoid having two expiration dates. When you added seats in the past, seats would expire on the date of your original subscription, and also a second subscription that usually would end one year from the second purchase date. You probably do not like the idea of having to renew subscriptions several times per year. There is a solution now! Add seats to a license In this case we want to choose Add Seats to existing license as shown above and you will see a dialog asking that you choose the number of ten packs you want to purchase. Build a quote If you proceed to the next step and actually make a purchase, whatever amount is calculated would be the exact amount your credit card would be charged. Alternatively if you get a quote today but actually purchase next week, the price will be lower as there are fewer days left in your original subscription. If you have any problems making a purchase, contact Cirasync support and someone can setup a screen sharing session to resolve your issue quickly.