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This guide shows how to purchase CiraSync licenses without a sales quote.

NOTE: The following instructions apply to CiraSync Enterprise Edition users. If you are a CiraSync Personal Edition user, follow the instructions in this guide: How to Upgrade to CiraSync Enterprise Edition and return here to purchase the subscription.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card: Available for any subscription plan at any price.
  • Wire transfer/Check: For sale amounts equal to or over $1,200.


  1. Click REQUEST QUOTE in the Licensing pane of the CiraSync dashboard. (See figure below.)Licensing paneIf this is the first time you are purchasing a CiraSync license, you will immediately see the Build a Sales Quote Step 1 of 2 dialog box. (See figure below.) Build a Sales Quote
  2. Select the subscription plan you would like to purchase.
  3. Select the number of packs you would like to purchase.
    NOTE: CiraSync licenses come in packs of 10 licenses each.
  4. Click NEXT. (See figure below.) Select your number of packs
  5. You will be taken to the Step 2 of 2 dialog box. (See figure below.) Click on the pen icon to choose the Billing point of contact for CiraSync.
    NOTE: The Billing point of contact must be a real person. Users such as Support or HelpDesk are not supported.
  6. Click BUY IT NOW. (See figure below.)You will be taken to a new window to fill in your payment information. (See figure below.)
  7. Fill in the required fields.
  8. Click PURCHASE.
    NOTE: CiraSync does not store card information.