About CiraSync Partner Billing


CiraSync bills partners using Daily Subscription Units (DSU), which are single-user, single day subscriptions that do not expire.

DSUs are bought in packages. These packages can be managed through the partner portal. Bulk purchases are eligible for volume discounts. In other words, larger package purchases will be cheaper than buying smaller packages.

Partners are only charged for the first 25 days of the month. The remaining days of the month are a true-up period that is not charged for.

See the figure below to see how Partners are charged:

CiraSync has no billing relationship with Partner customers. CiraSync Partners can bundle this offer with other services and can add additional customers/tenants to share the same pool of DSU’s.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the Partner Program, CiraSync offers Partners an initial 2,000 DSUs for free. Partners are free to use these licenses as desired.