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When one of your employees leaves your company, you may have already removed their CiraSync license. However, they still have access to the contacts and calendar events pushed by CiraSync to their smartphones. Furthermore, if you ask these users to remove the contacts and calendars, these assets will appear on their phones in the next sync task. This guide shows the two ways to clean up contacts and calendar items from former users.

WARNING: Contact and Calendar items will be deleted from both the User Mailbox and their smartphone devices. Please use with caution.


Cleaning up Contacts and Calendar Items from the Dashboard

  1. Log in to the CiraSync dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the Mailboxes pane.
  3. Find the user you would like to perform the clean up on.
  4. Right-click the user under the NAME column of the Mailboxes
  5. Click either Cleanup Contacts or Cleanup Calendar. It will only take a few seconds for CiraSync to delete these contact and calendar items from user mailboxes. (See figure below.) Run contact and calendar clean up with mailbox pane.

Cleaning up Contacts and Calendar Items with a Folder Purge

NOTE: Performing a folder purge is another way to clean up contacts and calendar items from CiraSync users. A folder purge can target a single user up to the whole tenant.
  1. Log in to the CiraSync dashboard.
  2. Click the username in the top-right corner of the dashboard.
  3. Click SETTINGS. (See figure below.) Go to CiraSync settings.
  4. Click Folder Purge.
  5. Click EDIT next to Select Users. (See figure below.) Open Folder Purge menu. A new window listing all users and contact collections will appear. (See figure below.) Select user or collection to purge.
  6. Choose the user or contact collection you would like to from.
  7. Click OK. The window will close.
  8. Enter the exact name of the subfolder you would like to purge under Sub-folder to purge.
    NOTE: This process is case sensitive.
  9. Check the box next to Remove subfolder after purge.
    NOTE: You cannot delete the default Contact or Calendar folder from a mailbox. If the default Contact or Calendar folder was the target for your sync tasks, do not check the Remove subfolder after purge when performing the Folder Purge.
  10. Click RUN FOLDER PURGE. (See figure below.) Run a folder purge.

With the recent updates to iOS, you may have noticed that the contacts managed by CiraSync may have been merged, linked, or corrupted. Read our support article on Resolving Linked, Merged, and Corrupted iOS Contacts to learn how to solve this issue.