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Having a Global Administrator Account with the Application Impersonation Role is required when first upgrading to CiraSync Enterprise Edition. Application Impersonation is a role that can be created in Office 365, and with it, CiraSync can use the Administrator Account as if it were a user account. This allows CiraSync to authenticate sync tasks and push updates to every user in an Office 365 tenant.

Before You Start

It is recommended to create a dedicated Service Account for the CiraSync management of sync tasks performed in an Office 365 tenant. Learn the benefits of a having dedicated Service Account for CiraSync and how to set one up with the following technical support article: Setting up a Dedicated Service Account for CiraSync in Office 365. Then, return to these instructions to learn how to give the dedicated service account the Application Impersonation Role.


  1. Launch the Office 365 Admin Center.
  2. Click Exchange under Admin Centers in the left-hand navigation panel. You will be taken to the  Exchange Admin Center (EAC). 
  3. Click permissions in the navigation panel.  
  4. Click + to add a new role group and name the group in admin roles. In this example, the new group is named App Impersonation.
  5. Click + under Roles, and add the Application Impersonation Role.
  6. Click + under Members, and add the service account of choice.
  7. Click Save. (See figure below.)
    NOTE: It can take up to 45 minutes for the Application Impersonation role to apply on the Service Account and replicate across Office 365 services.