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After creating a dedicated Service Account for CiraSync, there is one more thing that needs to be done. The CiraSync Dashboard does not default to using the Service Account once it is created. CiraSync will automatically use the Global Administrator account currently logged in to the Dashboard to perform sync tasks and for Dashboard administration. This guide assumes that a dedicated Service Account with Application Consent Access has been set for your CiraSync Dashboard. This can be a problem if the Global Administrator account does not have the appropriate settings configured because CiraSync will not be able to sync to all user mailboxes. Instead, CiraSync will only sync Contacts and Calendar appointments to the account that is currently logged into the Dashboard.

This guide shows how to make CiraSync use a specific Office 365 Service Account.

Before You Start

This guide assumes you are a CiraSync Enterprise Edition user and have created a Service Account with Application Consent turned on. If you are a Personal Edition user and would like to learn more about CiraSync Enterprise Edition, please check out our Enterprise Edition FAQ.

If you have not created a dedicated Service Account, create one using the instructions found in Setting up a Dedicated Service Account for CiraSync in Office 365 and then return to this procedure.


  1. Log in to the CiraSync Enterprise Edition Dashboard.
  2. Click the account username on the top-right corner of the Dashboard.
  3. Click SETTINGS. (See figure below.)
  4. Click Service Account.
  5. Check the box next to the specific account you would like to use as the main Service Account for CiraSync sync tasks.
    NOTE: If the desired Service Account is not listed in the Dashboard, that means the account has not been used to log in to the CiraSync Dashboard. To be able to set the CiraSync configuration to use a specific Service Account for sync tasks, the Service Account needs to have logged into the CiraSync Dashboard at least once.
  6. Click SAVE in the top-right corner of the Dashboard. (See figure below.)

Congratulations, you have just set the CiraSync configuration to use a specific Office 365 Service Account for performing sync tasks and Dashboard administration. Now, any user with the Full Administrator role can log in to the CiraSync Dashboard and manage CiraSync configurations for all users.

Your Service Account may need a CiraSync license depending on what you plan to sync. Check out this FAQ to learn whether or not your Service Account needs a CiraSync license.