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If you have a contacts in a mailbox, it’s easy to share that contact folder in Outlook. However, it’s not so easy to share that contact folder with smartphones.

By using CiraSync Enterprise Edition, you can sync shared mailbox contacts to any number of users in your Office 365 tenant.

One person can maintain the shared mailbox contacts using their Outlook Desktop. From there, using a sync tunnel, everyone in your company will get those contacts synced (one way) to their own mailbox. After the sync completes, contacts will now be visible from their smartphone.

By using this “One to Many” sync tunnel, you can guarantee your users can’t make changes to the master copy, but they will be able to add information to the contacts synchronized to them.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Logon to the CiraSync dashboard
  2. Create a new contact list
  3. Choose “Shared Mailbox” as the type of datasource
  4. You will be prompted to select the mailbox
  5. You will see a heirarchy of folders in the mailbox. Choose the source (master) contact list
  6. Choose the target users
  7. Edit the listname and choose a subfolder location for each user
  8. Save and close the wizard
  9. Run a sync from the dashboard

For more information, here is a short video Sync 365 shared mailbox to iPhone and Android.